The Fallen

Each year of the ride the Wisconsin Riders ride in honor of the fallen officer(s) of Wisconsin from the previous year. Beginning in 2016, the Wisconsin Riders will also ride in honor of those who died in the line of duty before 2007, which was the first year the Wisconsin Riders rode for officers. The goal of the Wisconsin Riders is to ride in honor of every law enforcement officer from Wisconsin who has been killed in the line of duty.

Every rider wears a memorial bracelet bearing the name of the fallen officer(s) and upon arrival at the memorial the riders present the bracelets to the officer's surviving family members.

Below are the fallen officers from Wisconsin who the members of the Wisconsin Riders have ridden for or who they will be riding for since first participating in the 2008 ride.




E.O.W. - JULY 25, 2018

michalski website.jpg

Police Officer Michael Michalski was shot and killed while attempting to apprehend a wanted subject in the area of 28th Street and Wright Street. The subject was wanted for weapons violations, narcotics violations, and violation of parole.

Officer Michalski and other members of the Special Investigations Division located the man in the area and attempted to take him into custody. The man fled on foot and the officers pursued him into a nearby home. The man ran up a set of stairs and encountered a locked door, at which time he hid in a large pile of clothing on a landing for approximately 10 minutes.

As officers searched the house, Officer Michalski walked up the stairs to check the second floor. The man suddenly emerged from the pile of clothes and shot Officer Michalski without warning with a .45 caliber handgun. He then shot and wounded two other officers before running out of ammunition and surrendering.

He was charged with Officer Michalski's murder and two counts of attempted murder in addition to other charges stemming from the incident and original warrants.

Officer Michalski had served with the Milwaukee Police Department for 17 years. He is survived by his wife and three sons.


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E.O.W. - JUNE 7, 2018

Police Officer Charles Irvine was killed in a single-vehicle crash while pursuing another vehicle.

His patrol car left the roadway and collided with a support wall of an overpass at the intersection of West Silver Spring Drive and North 76th Street. Officer Irvine suffered fatal injuries in the crash. His partner was transported to a local hospital with serious injuries.

Officer Irvine had served with the Milwaukee Police Department as a sworn officer for two years and was assigned to the Fourth District. He had previously served with the department as a Police Aide for two years. He is survived by his fiancee, mother, brother, and grandparents.




E.O.W. - APRIL 11, 2017


Trooper Anthony Borostowski was killed in a single vehicle crash at mile marker 89 on eastbound I-90/94 in Sauk County.

He was on patrol at approximately 4:00 am when his patrol car left the roadway and struck a tree. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Trooper Borostowski was a member of the Wisconsin Army National Guard and had served with the Wisconsin State Patrol for three years.




E.O.W. - MARCH 22, 2017


Detective Jason Weiland was shot and killed while responding to a domestic disturbance and multiple shootings.

Police initially responded to a domestic disturbance call at a bank in Rothschild where two bank employees had been shot and killed. The subject later killed an attorney at a law office in Schofield before barricading himself inside an apartment complex near the intersection of Ross Avenue and Aspen Street in Weston.

The subject exchanged gunfire with officers from multiple agencies at the apartment complex. Detective Weiland suffered a fatal gunshot wound before the subject was wounded and taken into custody. The man died of his wounds several days later.

Detective Weiland was an 18-year veteran of law enforcement and had served with the Everest Metropolitan Police Department for 15 years. He is survived by his wife and two children.



DAN T. Glaze


E.O.W. - OCTOBER 29, 2016

Deputy Sheriff Dan Glaze was shot and killed while investigating a suspicious vehicle on Broken Arrow Road, near Highway 27, at approximately 11:00 pm.

He had arrived at the scene and located the vehicle in a field. He radioed in a description of the vehicle but did not respond to additional radio traffic or calls to his cell phone. Responding units found him inside his patrol car suffering from a gunshot wound.

A suspect was identified and located at his home approximately 11 hours later. The man fired at deputies from the residence before being taken into custody.

Deputy Glaze had served with the Rusk County Sheriff's Office for 18 months and had served in law enforcement for seven years.





E.O.W. - JULY 8, 2016

Public Safety Officer Michael Ventura was killed when his patrol car crashed on State Highway 50, approximately 1/2 mile from County Highway B.

He was traveling with this emergency equipment activated when his patrol car left the roadway and entered a ditch, causing him to be ejected from the vehicle. He was flown to Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee where he succumbed to his injuries.

Officer Ventura had served with the Salem Department of Public Safety for two months and had previously served as a corrections officer for several years.




E.O.W. - MARCH 18, 2016


Deputy Sheriff Adam Hartwig suffered a fatal heart attack shortly after arriving home at the end of his shift in which he had responded to several stressful calls.

During the previous midnight shift he had assisted a Port Washington police officer who was involved in a vehicle pursuit.

Near the end of his shift he and another deputy responded to a home on Cedar Beach Lane, in the town of Belgium, to conduct a welfare check on an ill elderly woman who relatives had been unable to contact for two days. After receiving no response at the door, the deputies walked around the home and observed the woman who appeared deceased. The deputies knocked on the window loudly for approximately 30 seconds when the woman suddenly sat straight up and screamed, startling both deputies.

Deputy Hartwig passed away at home several hours following his shift.

Deputy Hartwig had served with the Ozaukee County Sheriff's Office for 2-1/2 years. He is survived by his wife and son.





E.O.W. - NOVEMBER 23, 2015

Police Officer Ryan Copeland was killed in a vehicle collision on County Highway N, near Bublitz Road in the town of Albion, at approximately 12:30 pm.

He was just beginning his shift and was traveling westbound when a Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources pickup truck crossed the center line and struck his patrol car head-on. Officer Copeland succumbed to his injuries at the scene.

It is believed that the DNR vehicle went out of control due to slushy conditions during a period of snow.

Officer Copeland was a U.S. Army veteran and had served with the McFarland Police Department for three years


E.O.W. - MARCH 24, 2015

Trooper Trevor Casper was shot and killed in Fond du Lac while attempting to apprehend a bank robbery and murder suspect at approximately 5:30 pm.

The subject was believed to have robbed a bank in Wausaukee approximately four hours earlier. Approximately one hour after the bank robbery the suspect abandoned the vehicle he was driving, murdered a citizen, and stole a second vehicle in Marinette County.

Trooper Casper located the second vehicle as it was being driven through Fond du Lac and began following it. He was directing other officers to their location when the man pulled into a grocery store parking lot and stopped. The man exchanged shots with the responding officers and Trooper Casper was fatally shot. The subject was also shot and killed by return fire by Trooper Casper.

Trooper Casper had graduated from the police academy only three months prior to the incident and was on his first shift after being cut loose from field training. He is survived by his parents and two sisters.


E.O.W. - SEPTEMBER 2, 2006

Officer Jackie Ryden suffered a fatal heart attack while assisting at the scene of a natural gas tank explosion and fire at a local trailer park.

He was one of the first officers to arrive at the scene and assisted with evacuating several citizens from their homes.

After the initial evacuation, he returned to his patrol car and began to direct traffic around the trailer park. He then collapsed in his patrol car a short time later.

Officer Ryden had served with the Prescott Police Department for 33 years. He is survived by his wife, two children, and three grandchildren.


E.O.W. - February 16, 2006

Special Deputy Stephen Hahn was killed in an automobile accident on I-94, in Jackson County, while transporting a prisoner.

A vehicle traveling the opposite direction went out of control, crossed the median, and struck his transport van head-on. A tractor trailer traveling behind Special Deputy Hahn was unable to avoid a collision and also struck the vehicle.

Special Deputy Hahn was transported to a local hospital where he succumbed to his injuries one hour later.

Special Deputy Hahn had retired as a captain from the Eau Claire Police Department after serving 31 years. He served as a special deputy for the Eau Claire County Sheriff's Office for 9 years. He is survived by his wife and two children.



E.O.W. - APRIL 14, 2014


Deputy Sheriff Mike Seversen succumbed to complications of a gunshot wound sustained on April 19th, 1991, as he and Deputy Sheriff Allen Albee, of the Burnett County Sheriff's Office, attempted to arrest a subject wanted for a shooting in Minnesota the previous day.

The subject's car was located near Webster Elementary School, in Burnett County. Deputy Seversen responded to the scene when the Burnett County Sheriff's Office requested additional assistance.

Several deputies, including Deputy Seversen and Deputy Albee, were approaching the subject near the school when the man opened fire with a .32 caliber handgun. Deputy Albee was killed and Deputy Seversen suffered a wound to his spinal cord, causing him to become paralyzed from the neck down.

Other deputies returned fire and killed the subject.

Deputy Seversen remained paralyzed from the neck down until passing away from complications of the wound on April 14th, 2014.


Donald E. Bishop, Town of Brookfield Police Department

E.O.W. - April 13, 2013

Police Officer Don Bishop suffered a fatal heart attack while responding to a burglary call at approximately 11:00 pm. 

He suffered the heart attack while driving near the intersection of Jaclyn and Sierra Drives. His patrol car left the roadway and struck a tree. Other responding officers immediately pulled him from the vehicle and began CPR. He was transported to a local hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

Officer Bishop had served with the Town of Brookfield Police Department for two years and also served as a part-time officer with the Village of Eagle Police Department. 

He had previously served as a reserve officer with the Mukwonago Police Department



Jennifer L. Sebena, Wauwatosa Police Department

E.O.W. - December 24, 2012

Police Officer Jennifer Sebena was shot and killed from ambush outside of the fire station on Underwood Avenue.

At approximately 4:40 am dispatchers attempted to contact her for a call of service but failed to receive a response. Other officers began searching for her and found her body in the Wauwatosa Fire Department's parking lot.

Investigation revealed that her husband had stalked her for several days and ambushed her as she exited the fire station's building during a break. He shot her twice in the back of the head and then took her service weapon and shot her three more times. He was arrested later in the day and charged with murder.

The subject pleaded guilty to murder in June 2013 and was formally sentenced to life in prison on August 9th, 2013.

Sergio Aleman, Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office

E.O.W. - July 31, 2012

Deputy Sheriff Sergio Aleman was killed in an automobile accident on I-43, at Winnebago Street, at approximately 12:15 pm.

The sheriff's office motorist assistance truck struck the back of a flatbed tow truck that was stopped on the shoulder of the highway. Deputy Aleman was extricated from the vehicle and transported to Froedtert Hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

Deputy Aleman had served with the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office for 18 years. He is survived by his wife and five children.



Craig Birkholz, Fond Du Lac Police Department

E.O.W. - March, 20 2011

Officer Craig Birkholz was fatally shot after he and another officer responded to a home on South Lincoln Avenue at approximately 6:00 am for an emergency call.

When Officer Birkholz arrived, he and the second officer approached the home. A suspect opened fire from the second floor of the home, striking Officer Birkholz, the other officer, and a K9.

The suspect committed suicide during a standoff that followed the shooting.

Officer Birkholz had served with the Fond du Lac Police Department for two years and had previously served combat tours of duty with the United States Army in Iraq and Afghanistan where he obtained the rank of Sergeant. He is survived by his wife, parents, and one brother.

Craig's  desire to dedicate his life to public service started early on as a Kenosha Police Explorer. Craig was a hard worker and in his early school years had worked in newspaper delivery, retail, fast food and for his grandfather in maintenance during the summers. He excelled in school, sports and orchestra as a scholar athlete. He was a planner and goal setter.

Craig joined the Kenosha Police Explorer Scouts during his high school days and found the career he wanted in law enforcement.

He had applied to U.W. Platteville criminal science program and while becoming impatient to hear back from the school an Army recruiter encouraged him to join the U.S. Army and train for military police.  He entered the Army after graduating from Kenosha Tremper High school in 2000.  After basic training and advanced training in military police work at Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri he was sent to Fort Drum, New York.  That following fall on September 11, 2001 , things changed.   Craig’s previous plans of taking college courses between his military work went by the wayside as the 511th MP unit soon prepared for deployment to Afghanistan. In January 2002 they deployed to set up base at Bagram airfield where they were in charge of force protection and detainee holding centers.  

After eight months and some close calls, Craig and the 511th returned home to Fort Drum.  The following March of 2003 the 511th again prepared to deploy, this time to Kuwait. There they waited for President Bush to give the orders to enter into Iraq.  Craig’s unit attached to the 101st Airborne entered Iraq from Kuwait and followed fellow troops and Marines up to Baghdad and then set up base in Mosul.  There they stayed until February 2004.  Craig, a team leader from early on, went on to advance train in various areas such as border patrol and assisted training other military police at Fort Dix.

After obtaining the rank of Sergeant and honorable discharge in 2005 Craig returned home to Pleasant Prairie, Wisconsin.  With his one year of college credits he was able to achieve between deployments, he was accepted at U.W. Oshkosh and entered the criminal justice program there.  While at U.W. Oshkosh he interned with the U.S. Marshals in Milwaukee.  Because of his maturity and background he was an outstanding Resident Assistant and leader.    Craig graduated Cum Laude with a Criminal Science major and psychology minor degree in December 2008.   Craig went on to graduate from the Fox Valley Technical College Law Enforcement Academy in April 2009 and was hired by the city of Fond du Lac Police Department in May 2009.      

Craig was a soft spoken leader, a mentor, and a motivator. His sense of fairness, caring, empathy, respect and belief of working as a team player along with his sense of humor caused him to be easily liked and gave him many long time friends.

One of his favorite mottos was: "Stay Strong, Stay Safe, Stay Positive"


Kory Dahlvig, Vilas County Sheriff's Department

E.O.W. - April 25, 2010

Deputy Kory Dahlvig was killed in an automobile crash while responding to a mutual aid call from the Lac du Flambeau Tribal Police Department. 

As he responded on Highway 47, the driver of a dump truck parked on the side of the road entered the roadway, causing Deputy Dahlvig to strike the back of it.

The dump truck's driver was arrested and charged with vehicular murder and DUI. On June 4, 2010, he pleaded guilty to DUI, defective tail lights, and reckless driving. He was fined 1,669 dollars and had his drivers license suspended for six months. The vehicular murder charge was dismissed.

Deputy Dahlvig had served with the Vilas County Sheriff's Department for two years and previously served with the Lac du Flambeau Tribal Police Department for three and a half years. He is survived by his wife.



Jorge Dimas, Wisconsin State Patrol

E.O.W. - June 14, 2009

Trooper Jorge Dimas succumbed to automobile accident injuries sustained one month earlier while on patrol on State Highway 35, near Frederic, Wisconsin. 

He was turning around to stop a traffic violator when his patrol car was broadsided by an oncoming pickup truck.

Trooper Dimas had served with the Wisconsin State Patrol for only one year. He is survived by his fiancee and son.



Jason Zunker, Chippewa County Sheriff's Office

E.O.W. - January 5, 2008


Deputy Jason Zunker died of injuries he sustained the previous day when he was struck by a vehicle.

He responded to a truck fire just south of Bloomer in western Wisconsin, about 100 miles east of Minneapolis. He was directing traffic when he was hit by a southbound vehicle. 

Deputy Zunker was taken by helicopter to a hospital in Eau Claire, where he died the next day from his injuries.

The deputy had served with the Chippewa County Sheriff's Department for 4 years. He is survived by his wife.



Frank Fabiano, Jr., Kenosha County Sheriff's Department

E.O.W. - May 17, 2007


Deputy Frank Fabiano was shot during a vehicle stop in the town of Somers.

Deputy Fabiano had stopped a vehicle near the University of Wisconsin-Parkside campus in a subdivision just south of Highway E and east of Highway 31 at about 11:37 pm, when he was shot. A University of Wisconsin-Parkside police officer who was serving as a backup officer reported the shooting and returned fire. Deputy Fabiano was transported to St. Catherine's Hospital by the Somers fire department where he died from his injuries about 5:00 am.

After the shooting, the suspect fled into the woods and after an intense three-hour manhunt, he was captured about 15 blocks from the scene of the shooting at an apartment complex. The suspect was an illegal immigrant. The suspect was later convicted and sentenced to life imprisonment with no chance of parole.

Deputy Fabiano had served with the Kenosha County Sheriff's Department for 18 years. He had also served his country as a US Marine. He is survived by his wife, daughter, parents, brother, and sister.