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A Little (and enough) About Me

In the summer of 2013 I was several years into my law enforcement career and recovering from working an exhausting stretch on night shift. I wasn't getting any younger and knew I needed to do something to get healthy again, so I did what any sensible person would do and bought  (what I thought was) an expensive bike. Once I started riding I thought there must be some way to combine the camaraderie of law enforcement and cycling. Then one day I found the Police Unity Tour and knew I had to participate. I found the Wisconsin Riders of the Police Unity Tour on Facebook and asked about riding in 2015.  

Soon after, I decided the time might not ever be right again and joined the group to ride in 2014. Simply put it was one of the most amazing experiences of my life. But this isn't a story about me, or about the Wisconsin Riders. This is all about remembering those brothers and sisters in law enforcement who have made the ultimate sacrifice and making sure their story and sacrifice is never forgotten.

The Website Is Born

After I saw the amount of work others in the group had put into making sure that our ride was successful I knew I had to do something to help too. I approached the senior leadership council (Chad), oversold my skills in the website design department and now here I am.

What to Expect

When I started building the website I hoped to encapsulate what the Wisconsin Riders and the Police Unity Tour are all about for our supporters, friends and family and those who are considering riding in the future.  As I mentioned before, we all have our stories and reasons for riding but the most important stories to be told are those of the fallen heroes who have made the ultimate sacrifice. The Wisconsin Riders and the Police Unity Tour help ensure those stories are never forgotten.

In addition to the stories of the fallen you'll find:

During the ride the site will serve as a hub for updates and pictures.

In the not too distant future we hope to add guest blog posts from riders, survivors and supporters. Make sure to sign up for e-mail updates on our page and while you're at it register for the Bike for Blue and come to the Pig Roast on September 13th.

Up Next....

A brief history of the Wisconsin Riders.