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It's Friday and you know what that means. Time to spend your paycheck! Why not spend a few of your dollars to support the Wisconsin Riders so they can carry out their mission to ensure  the fallen law enforcement Heroes of Wisconsin are never forgotten AND get a good looking shirt in the process?

Our fresh 2014/2015 T-Shirt Design can be purchased on the website or you can print out an order form and mail it in if you prefer. Our 2014 Challenge Coins are also available while they last.

***Please note the t-shirt design does have both a sheriff's star and police badge***


Why Support the Wisconsin Riders?

Why not support the Wisconsin Riders is the real question. Each rider and support team member must raise a minimum of $1,750 to participate in the tour. In addition to the required funds that have to be raised, riders and support team members must purchase uniforms, pay for transportation to New Jersey and spend money on numerous other expenses related to the ride. And although the Wisconsin Riders must raise $1,750 per team member we constantly raise thousands of dollars more thanks to your continued support and generosity. 

Thanks to your efforts, the Police Unity Tour as a whole last year raised $1.9 million for the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial in Washington D.C.!

Now where does that money go you may ask. Since the tour began in 1997 over $16 million  have been raised by riders.  Nearly $5 million has been dedicated to the National Law Enforcement Museum construction and more recently nearly $1.1 million was used to resurface and re-engrave the 20,000 or so names that reside on the memorial.

It is a sad but true fact that the National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial is the only memorial in Washington D.C. that adds names to it every year. By supporting the Wisconsin Riders and the Police Unity Tour you are helping to guarantee that Wisconsin's Fallen Law Enforcement Heroes are given the honor they deserve by having their name etched in the National Law Enforcement Memorial and that the memorial and the thousands of names on it are never forgotten.

Thank you for your support!