A Very Special Request

For Our Followers

The Wisconsin Riders are part of a much larger family: The Thin Blue Line. Please read on to find out how you can help one of our extended family members.

Every Name has a Story

Every one of the more than 20,000 names on the National Law Enforcement Officer's Memorial has a story behind it. They are stories of unrivaled character, unbelievable heroism and tragic loss. The Wisconsin Riders make a special effort to ensure the stories of Wisconsin's fallen are never forgotten but as part of the Police Unity Tour they also preserve the stories of the new and old names on the wall, no matter where they are from. 

When we get the sad news of another fallen hero many of us take time to learn a bit more about the officer. Often a story will hit particularly close to home for a certain officer, whether it's a shared special assignment, a significant date or being the same age.

The Story of Deputy Kyle Pagerly

I first learned about the story of Berks County Sheriff's Deputy Kyle Pagerly while watching the AHA Hero Dog Awards when his K-9 partner Jynx was recognized.

(Read about Kyle and watch the Hero Dog Awards feature on Jynx here)

In addition to the fact that Kyle was the same age as me, the other thing about Kyle that had a huge impact was a quote of his:

“If you stopped yourself every time you said, ‘I have to...’ and changed it to ‘I get to...’ it might change your entire experience.” 
- Deputy Kyle P

The Thin Blue Line Family

Since Kyle's story had had such an impact on me, I dedicated a day of the ride to him and wore a memorial bracelet with his name.  Upon my return from the ride I forwarded the bracelet to the Sheriff of Berks County who in turn forwarded it to Kyle's widow, Alecia. When Kyle was killed in the line of duty he left behind a unborn daughter, Savannah.

Now two years old, Savannah has started a police and fire patch collection.  

The Thin Blue Line is an amazing and unparalleled extended family that stretches all across the country. I hope you can send a patch to Savannah for her collection and to help remind her that her extended family will never forget her or her dad.


Don't Have a Patch?

The Thin Blue Line can't continue without its many supporters. If you don't have a patch to send to Savannah, considering contributing to one of the many organizations that help ensure stories like that of her dad are never forgotten or that aid survivors after their loss.  

You can also help the efforts of the Wisconsin Riders by registering for Bike for Blue or by attending our Pig Roast. Learn about both events here.